Thermophysical properties of homogeneous fluid phases


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Thermophysical properties of homogeneous fluid phases

Device for measuring density under pressure (140 MPa)

A vibrating device of the u-tube type is used to measure density up to 1400 bar. A high pressure pump is associated with it to set the pressure conditions.

Measurement of the speed of sound

The speed of sound is measured under high pressure (250MPa) by a pulse technique operating in the ultrasonic range (2 to 10MHz).

Calorimetric measurement

A micro DSC is used to measure the calorific capacities of liquids at atmospheric pressure. A second calorimeter, of the Calvet type and equipped with a patented stirring system, allows the study of crystallisation phenomena at low temperature and under pressure.

Compressibilities and expansion

Isentropic and isothermal compressivities and expansion are determined up to 250 MPa by an acoustic method based on ultrasonic propagation velocity measurement methods.

Viscosity under high pressure

Various experimental devices based on edge-body or resonator methods have been developed to measure the viscosity of fluids under pressure in a wide range of viscosity from 10 power -4 Pa.s to 100 Pa.s.