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Dynamic tensiometers

Three dynamic oscillating drop tensiometers allow the properties of liquid/liquid or liquid/gas interfaces and liquid/solid contact angles to be studied. These devices can be used to measure interfacial tensions greater than a few mN/m. Two of these tensiometers are equipped with HP cells (15MPa) allowing measurements under pressure and for temperatures ranging from -10 to +80°C.

Langmuir balance

For the study of the physical characteristics of an insoluble monolayer of surfactant adsorbed on the liquid/air or liquid/liquid interface


This device, which comprises an ellipsometer associated with a Brexster angle microscope, makes it possible to determine the thickness of (transparent) layers deposited on a substrate and to keep an image of them over time.


Laser diffractometers for the determination of the size distribution of dispersed particles or drops (0.02 to 200 μm)


For measuring zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility of colloids in liquid dispersants.

Micro- and milli-fluidic devices

Several systems (spiral, glass capillaries) allow microscopic observation of a collection of interfaces and/or isolated interfaces under controlled temperature conditions. These systems require very small quantities of fluids (a few μL to a few tens of μL) and some can be used for high pressures (60MPa). They can also be used to determine phase equilibria and study crystallisation/melting phenomena (conditions, kinetics).