“SCOPE” Coastal Monitoring and Estuarine Physicochemistry

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Plateform “SCOPE”Coastal Monitoring and Estuarine Physicochemistry

MIRA -  Plateform “SCOPE”
MIRA - Plateform “SCOPE”

Implementation of physical measurements (shoreline), physico-chemical and biological parameters (plankton, WFD/CMSM ndicators). Acquisition of knowledge on the sources, reactivity and impacts of micropollutants and nutrients in estuaries. Study of the dispersion of contaminants in the river-estuary-panachi-coast continuum.

Fields of application

  • Geosciences
  • Environment

Themes and skills

  • Reactivity and impacts of micropollutants and nutrients,
  • Dispersion of contaminants
  • Use of samples under pressure and temperature constraints
  • Physical observation of the coastline, topographical measurements
  • Monitoring the quality of aquatic environments
  • Marine and River Engineering