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Innovative tools for sludge dewatering

The treatment of wastewater sludge is an important issue of growing interest in view of the increase in their production and the environmental constraints imposed by legislation.

The platform developed and research carried out at LaTEP focuses on four main points : the physico-chemical characterisation of sludge in order to assess its suitability for dewatering, the characterisation of its dewatering (flocculation, dewatering index, limit dryness, specific resistance, etc.), the study of the dewatering processes conventionally used in order to propose the most optimal operating modes and the development of more efficient innovative processes (combining mechanical and electrical effects, for example).

This platform is aimed at equipment manufacturers (filter press, belt filter, screw press, centrifuge, dewatering table, dryer, etc.), floculant manufacturers and operators to treat all types of waste sludge (urban, industrial, organic and mineral).