Characterization of thermal treatment of waste and biomass and for modelling treatment reactors.

The platform developed by Carnot ISIFoR and more particularly by the Thermal, Energy and Process Laboratory (LaTEP) offers innovative, experimental and numerical tools to characterize the behavior and co-products associated with the thermal treatment of waste and biomass.

The technical tools proposed thus make it possible to characterize the mass losses of the study substrates according to the treatment conditions (heating rate, working temperature) as in the case of a conventional thermobalance. Nevertheless, taking into account the capacity of the material developed in the laboratory (up to 1kg) and its tightness, it is possible to quantify and characterize the production of the co-products associated with the studied transformation (tars, permanent gases).

Numerical tools allow to go as far as process simulation. They have already been implemented with several partners on an industrial scale (Europlasma and its CHO-Power process, Thermya and its Chartherm process, Véolia for sludge combustion in a fluidized bed).