Characterization of highly saline waters

The platform developed by Carnot ISIFoR and more particularly by the Thermal, Energy and Process Laboratory (LaTEP) offers innovative, experimental and numerical tools to characterize the behavior, thermodynamic properties or transport properties of highly saline water.

The technical tools proposed thus allow the characterization of salt precipitation sequences at variable temperature and pressure, heat capacities, acidity, viscosity, etc. Aqueous and solid phases can also be analyzed by ion chromatography or plasma torch. Numerical tools can be used to simulate processes.

The fields of application of this platform are numerous. They concern companies such as Thermal Baths which exploit geothermal water by ensuring a controlled and constant composition over time as well as the production of salts for cosmetological purposes, salts naturally enriched with value-added compounds such as magnesium, as well as companies working in the recovery of rare metals present in groundwater or companies working in the energy field which use salt solutions for heat storage.