“POLYCaTS" Analysis and Characterization of Polymeric Materials

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IPREM - Institut des sciences analytiques et de Physico-chimie pour l'Environnement et les Matériaux - UMR 5254

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  • Stéphanie REYNAUD - stephanie.reynaud @ univ-pau.fr (stephanie.reynaud @ univ-pau.fr)


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uppatech @ univ-pau.fr (uppatech @ univ-pau.fr)

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Platform “POLYCaTS"Analysis and Characterization of Polymeric Materials

IPREM - Platform “POLYCaTS"
IPREM - Platform “POLYCaTS"

The POLYCaTS platform offers a range of skills and techniques for the physical and chemical characterization of polymers. The means implemented apply as much to the synthesis of polymers as to their processing and properties.

Fields of application

  • Energy: Energy storage, polymer conductive processing
  • Environment: Impact on natural environments, purification processes, nanoplastics, etc.
  • Geosciences: Assisted recovery
  • Agri-food/Health: Formulation of adhesives

Themes and skills

  • Development of innovative methods in the fields of chemical composition/structure/size of polymers, colloids and nanomaterials
  • New materials, new properties, new processes
  • Multidimensional Materials Analysis
  • Concept/Development/Optimization of specific characterization methods
  • Measurement of physical or electronic properties of materials
  • Mixing solution and formulation
  • Shaping of materials
  • Ageing
  • Conductive polymers, biosourced polymers, new sensor materials, polymer technology for enhanced oil recovery

Equipment and Instruments :

  • Controlled atmosphere ramps, Double envelope reactors up to 5L and under pressure up to 0.6L, reactors under microwave field
  • Dip Coater & Spin Coater (under controlled atmosphere)
  • Ageing oven under controlled atmosphere
  • Large volume centrifuge
  • Extruders, presses for shaping materials
  • Glove box
  • Dry Solvent Purifier/Dispenser
  • Liquid, gel and solid NMR
  • UV-Visible Spectroscopy & FTIR
  • On-line separation and characterization systems in aqueous and organic mode (DMF & THF): SEC-UV/RI/Viscosimeter (capillary)/MALS.
  • A4F-MALS
  • HPLC, ChromatoFlash
  • Differential Refractometer, Reflectometer & Ellipsometer
  • Static and dynamic light diffusion
  • Static/Dynamic and Zeta Potential Tensiometers
  • Microscopes (AFM , ESEM, SEM , Fluorescence, Optics)
  • Thermogravimetry and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TDS/DSC)
  • Rheometers (x8) stress/strain imposed
  • Adhesion or Surface Energy measuring devices: Tack, JKR, Surface Force Spectroscopy, Langmuir Balance
  • Electrical conductivity measurement, cyclic amperometry
  • Sample, test specimen and ultra-cryomicrotomy preparation