“PHT" Plate High Voltage Processes


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Antoine Silvestre de Ferron (antoine.deferron @ univ-pau.fr) - Laurent Pecastaing (laurent.pecastaing @ univ-pau.fr)

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Platform “PHT"Plate High Voltage Processes

IPRA - Platform “PHT"
IPRA - Platform “PHT"

The PHT technical platform offers developments and measurement tools in the field of high voltages and high transient currents.

Fields of application

  • Geosciences: treatment of dispersed media
  • Environment: treatment of VOCs in the air, electro-filtration
  • Health: electro-chemotherapy
  • Food processing: disinfection, debacterialization
  • Materials: design of thermoelectric generators, performance testing of electrical Equipment, equipment qualification
  • Energy: storage, fast recharging
  • Military: jamming, radar

Themes and skills

  • High voltage pulse generation: high voltage withstand tests, lightning conductors,
  • Generation of strong impulse currents: electric discharges in fluids for testing of peeling, crushing, product extraction, ...
  • Simulation software
  • Metrology and electrical characterization: design of tools for measuring electrical currents and voltages, optical and electromagnetic characterization