Nano characterization


Platform Manager

Gaétane LESPES (gaetane.lespes @            

Nano characterization

Themes and skills :

  • Design of original instrumental systems and innovative strategies (sample preparation/preconcentration; separation techniques; interface and coupled methods; digital signal and data processing) for the multidimensional characterization of nanoobjects: size determination, morphology/structure, state of aggregation, elementary chemical composition, surface electric charge, distributions as a function of size or electric charge; according to the LNE nanoparticle characterization reference system;
  • Study of complex matrices, diluted media, nanostructured and/or composite and/or high form factor nano-objects and ultra-traces.
  • Determination of properties and understanding of the physico-chemical behaviour of nano-objects (mobilisation, sorption/desorption, transport/migration/diffusion, aggregation, solubilisation, etc.), as well as speciation of constituent or associated elements, in solid materials (powders, porous solids), liquid or semi-liquid phases (colloidal phases) or at the interface of these media.

Instruments :

  • FFF-UVDAD-MALS-ICPMS Couplings, Frontal and Tangential Ultrafiltration Preparative Separation Systems