“DMEX " Experimental X Ray Methods Development

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Backing Labobarory

IPRA - Institut Pluridisciplinaire de recherche Appliquée dans le domaine du génie pétrolier - FR 2952


Platform Manager

  • Peter Moonen - peter.moonen @ univ-pau.fr (peter.moonen @ univ-pau.fr)

Contact and quote request

uppatech @ univ-pau.fr (uppatech @ univ-pau.fr)

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Platform “DMEX "Experimental X Ray Methodology Development

The DMEX platform, certified ISO 9001, offers X-ray imaging and characterization services of solid materials.

Fields of application

  • Geosciences
  • Materials
  • Environment

Themes and skills

  • Non-destructive morphological characterization,
  • Visualization of the internal structure of natural, biological and artificial materials with details of the order of a thousandth of a millimetre
  • Use of samples under pressure and temperature constraints

Equipment and Instruments

  • X-ray tomography,
  • Morphological analysis tomography
  • Sample preparation (core drill)
  • Image processing

Quality approach

ISO 9001 Certification