“CRG" Characterization of Geological Reservoirs


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Laboratoire des Fluides Complexes et leurs Réservoirs

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Plateform “CRG" Characterization of Geological Reservoirs

IPRA - Plateform “CRG"
IPRA - Plateform “CRG"

The CRG Plateau brings together the tools and expertise to determine the properties and characteristics of geological reservoirs.

Field of applications

  • Geological basin analyses
  • Resource Exploration
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Tank simulation
  • Geophysical signal modeling and inversion

Themes and skills

  • Rock preparation: Cutting, sawing, polishing, double-sided polishing (fluid inclusions), including tools for analysis and quality control of the preparations.
  • Texture anisotropy analysis: Analysis of the magnetic susceptibility anisotropy (MSA) of rocks - Impregnation of samples by ferrofluids for induced remanence of the pore texture of samples - Measurements of the propagation anisotropy of Vp velocities on micro cores
  • Quantitative petrography: Microscopic observation of thin/thick slides, measurements of the compositional properties of fluid inclusions in minerals, reactivity of polymers under temperature changes, observation of visible photoluminescence of rock samples (thin slides)
  • Mineralogy of rock samples
  • Experimental geophysics: Measurement of a vibrating surface on samples such as cubes or cores: measurement of the displacement and/or speed of propagation of mechanical waves (Pulse-laser, HF radar, accelerometers).
  • Field Geophysics