“C2STD" Platform for scientific computing and data processing


Platform Manager

  • Marc Odunlamimarc.odunlami @ univ-pau.fr (marc.odunlami @ univ-pau.fr)

Contact and quote request

uppatech @ univ-pau.fr (uppatech @ univ-pau.fr)

Equipment and instruments

  • UPPA computing cluster
  • Mesocentre for Intensive Computing in Aquitaine (MCIA)
  • National means of calculation
  • Scientific computing platform
  • Propose a project in scientific computing
  • Data processing

Platform “C2STD"Platform for scientific computing and data processing

Platform “C2STD"
Platform “C2STD"

The C2STD platform provides support to research teams with computing and/or scientific data processing needs. Fields of application.

Fields of application

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Sciencest

Themes and skills

  • Provision of an infrastructure for high performance computing
  • Provision of a software environment for digital simulation


  • UPPA computing cluster